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Pet Transport

We have spent so much time on the road delivering our own pups that we have decided to branch out and offer up delivery outside of our pups to help others bring their fur babies home. We offer competitive rates and a safe and loving environment to ensure your babies ride happy and comfortable.

We have bred Australian Cattle dogs and Toy Australian Shepherds for several years and come from a family that has raised Australian Cattle dogs for over 30 yrs. Our pets are our family and we understand the importance of ensuring your pet makes it to/from as safe and stress-free as possible. We have done years of airline transport with our babies but know all too well the overwhelming stress that puts on our babies, their new owners and ourselves. We have used ground transporters as well in the past but we enjoy the travel ourselves and look forward to meeting new people and getting the oppo to meet all our new fur families in person. If you’re looking for the assurance your baby will be treated like one of our own, then call us today!

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Upcoming Travels

We are headed south to Tennessee first week of March with room for 2-3  small to medium cats/dogs. Can pickup/drop off in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois. If needing transport outside of these areas, please call to discuss arrangements.


Pet transport rates will vary depending on size of pup and crate. We allow up to two pups per crate at no additional charge. Current rates are $.20 per mile and are subject to change based off current gas prices. 

We offer muti-pet discount along with discounts for active military and rescues.

We will provide crate at owner’s expense or crate can be provided at time of pickup by owner. All crates must be bolted at all holes and will not accept/allow just snap sides. This is to prevent stressed or anxious pups from breaking though crate and getting loose. We will also provide all bowls, collars and leashes unless provided by owner. We do requre enough food be provided for entirety of trip.

All crates are disinfected thoroughly with Triple Quick and bedding is changed each transport. Owner may provide their own bedding if preferred. Triple Quick kills all known viruses and bacteria, including Parvo, Coronavirus, Canine Adenovirus, Reovirus, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza. 

All pups are required bu law to have crate large enough for them to stand and freely turn around comfort.

Request for Quote

If you are looking for quote for pet transport, please provide the following info and we will get back to you within 24 hrs. All quotes are good for 48 hrs.

Pickup/Dropoff locations (city/state)

Estimated times/dates

Number of pets and size/weights

Breed and age of pet 

Health concerns and/or special needs

**Health certificate required within 10 days of     scheduled transport 

**Rabies shots (over 3 mos of age) 

**All shots must be administered at least 72 hrs     prior to scheduled transport 

**Deposits are non-refundable


Can I transport more than one pet for same price? Yes, depending on size we do allow to transport up to two pups in the same kennel at no additional charge

How often do you stop for breaks, etc? We will stop at least every 3-4 hours for potty breaks, walks and feeding if necessary. Each dog will be allowed 10 minute. Pups are fed per owner instructions and will have water available at all times.

Is my pup requir to be crated? No, we do allow for pets to be free roam if owner requests or allows. We do not have multiple pups out at the same time. Only one will free roam out of crate during delivery for safety of all pups.

How long will transport take? Routes will vary 1-3 days depending on location and distance.

Are all quotes final? All quoted rates are final unless owner re-schedules, postpones or changes location of delivery while in route. All deposits placed are non-refundable.